State turns over roads to BR, unlocking possibilities

Mar 19, 2014

After long negotiations with the state regarding the turnover of some roadways to local authority, Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden announced Wednesday that Government street will be getting a makeover.

Standing in front of Baton Rouge High, Mayor Holden said Government street would get a full rehab. Between i-110 and Lobdell Ave, the city will add a continuous left-turn lane down the middle, and bike lanes on either side.

“I’ve always believed if there are problems with traffic flow or safety, the public doesn’t care if it’s a state or a local road, they just want it fixed,” Holden said.

The state of Louisiana has authority over 27 percent of the roadways in the state, according to That included Government street, which ha s been waiting for improvements that have been stalled for quite some time.

But last week, the city-parish took over portions of Government street, Nicholson Drive and River road in a voluntary hand-off, making the improvements possible.

The work will be paid for with millions of dollars from the state, included as a part of the deal. Work is set to begin by the end of the year, and Holden says it will be completed in 2015  


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