Star Fruit

New Orleans, LA –

Hi, this is Richard McCarthy with the WWNO Farmers Market Minute Star fruit is a staple throughout Southeast Asia. It is also known as carombola. When a cross section of it is sliced, the carombola resembles a five-pointed star (hence the name star fruit). This makes for an ideal accompaniment for autumn salads (when fresh cucumber has begun to peter out). Slightly citric in taste, star fruit is high in vitamin C yet quite tart and low in sugar. This time of year, you can usually find it at the early morning Vietnamese market in New Orleans East. As much texture as it is taste, star fruit is beautiful to serve. Moreover, it has health qualities worth noting: loads of antioxidants and it fights off E-coli bacteria. This is where traditional knowledge comes in handy. No wonder everyone's eating star fruit in the equally swampy environs in Southeast Asia and Louisiana. For info on star fruit and markets, log onto wwno dot org.