St. Bernard Project Marks Milestone

New Orleans, La. – Anthony Mendoza had one description of the volunteers who've been working the past several years to get him back in his home in St. Bernard Parish.
"They're angels."
Mendoza's house was one of 27-thousand washed away there by Katrina. He said he initially got a contractor, but the work was shoddy and weeks went by with nothing done at all. He said he approached the St. Bernard Project at a crawfish festival a few years ago, where there was a kiosk with information. A few weeks later he found out that he qualified for funding, and work began immediately.
Volunteers worked to get him out of his tiny FEMA trailer just last week, and into his new, two-story home.
St. Bernard Project co-founder Liz McCartney says the need for more houses might seem insurmountable.
McCartney says the group is moving into areas of Orleans Parish where housing is needed.