St. Bernard Holds Memorial For Katrina Victims

New Orleans, LA – St. Bernard Parish President Craig Taffaro presided at the early-morning ceremony, with wind gusting past the now-closed Mississippi River Gulf Outlet.
"We celebrate today the many accomplishments and achievements that we continue to strive for in the name of those people who are no longer with us."
Joe Threat of FEMA's Louisiana Recovery Office said he lost all his possessions in Katrina, but no loved ones. And now in his new government position, he says he's working to help the region recover.
"I've tried to do whatever I could to come back and try to replace communities within the state of Louisiana and especially this community that took the brunt of that storm when it came ashore."
Councilmember Mike Ginart noted a smaller crowd had assembled for the annual memorial than in years past.
"Because the crowds may dwindle a little bit, no one's forgetting. No one's forgetting the sacrifices that were made by too many, and no one's forgetting those who are here."
Then officials began reading the name of those killed by the storm.
A wreath was perched at the water's edge.
Another was tossed in the swift-moving water.
It took eight minutes for all the names to be read.
For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming