Sentencing Delayed Again For Former Mayor Nagin

Jun 18, 2014

C. Ray Nagin.
Credit Franklin Reyes / AP

There’s been another delay in the sentencing of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. The federal court is now scheduled to decide the case  July 9.

Former Mayor Nagin could be facing at least 20 years for the 20 guilty verdicts he received on corruption charges.

They include bribery, fraud and money laundering that occurred during his two terms in office. It’s the second delay in the sentencing.

US District Judge Ginger Berrigan had previously granted defense attorney Robert Jenkins more time to review the sentencing report. The second delay was made because of a court scheduling conflict.

The New Orleans Advocate is reporting that Jenkins indicates in his motion that 20 years is at the low end of the recommended sentence.

He wants that cut in half. He says former Governor Edwin Edwards got 10 years for rigging the sale of gambling permits.

Jenkins says 20 years would be a life sentence for Nagin, who turned 58 on June 11 — his original sentencing date.