Senator Vitter Announces Run For Governor's Office; Mary Landrieu Reacts

Jan 22, 2014

Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter has announced he’ll be running for governor next year. He’s telling supporters he can have a bigger impact in Baton Rouge than in Washington.

Senator Vitter announced his candidacy in a video released online. He says he’ll concentrate on improving education, attracting business and fighting political corruption.

Vitter will not have to leave his Senate seat while he campaigns.

Governor Bobby Jindal is term-limited from seeking re-election.

Louisiana’s Democratic Senator, Mary Landrieu, was asked about Vitter’s candidacy while touring the Port of New Orleans.

“I would just say that as the people decide on their next governor, that it should be someone that really has the people’s interest of the state at heart," she said, "and less maybe advancing their own political agendas and more interested in advancing the economic agenda of this state.”   

Landrieu is facing her strongest challenge from Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy of Baton Rouge.