Senator Landrieu Visting Coastal Communities to Mark Restore Act

Jul 9, 2012

Louisiana Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu is visiting coastal areas today to mark passage of the Restore Act. Exactly how much money the state can expect from BP fines is still being worked out.

Senator Landrieu credits a bipartisan effort to assign 80 percent of fines BP can expect from Clean Water Act violations to the five affected states on the Gulf Coast. Depending on findings of negligence, those fines could reach $20 billion. The Restore Act was part of the Transportation Bill signed last week by President Obama. 

“In addition to that, the Transportation Bill itself will kick start 420 construction projects, putting people to work right away, sending green lights," said Landrieu. "Let’s go. Let’s get to work. Let’s build our roads, our highways and our transit.”  

Landrieu will be attending meetings today in Jean Lafitte, Thibodaux, Lafayette, Lake Charles and Bell City.