Senator Landrieu Urges Support For Small Business Holiday Shopping

Nov 23, 2012

With much of the nation focusing on Black Friday shopping at big box stores, one Louisiana lawmaker is suggesting another option.

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu says she’s encouraging people to participate in Small Business Saturday.

“About 50 percent of their profits are made between Thanksgiving, and Christmas and in some businesses it’s even more," Landrieu said of small businesses.

Landrieu is chair of the Small Business Committee, and says their survival is vital to the national economy.

“If every small business in America could have the revenues to hire one additional person the recession would be completely over and we’d be on the plus side. So it’s just something to remember," she said. "There’s nothing small about small business. They’re important.” 

She says she’ll be marking Small Business Saturday tomorrow by shopping on Magazine Street.