SDT truck used for illegal dumping

New Orelans, LA – The New Orleans Sanitation Committee has been assured by garbage service provider SDT that it's close to finding whoever is responsible for dumping human waste into a storm drain in the Lower Ninth Ward. Correspondent Eileen Fleming has more.
SDT owner Sidney Torres says his company along with the city is a victim of illegal dumping.

He tells the City Council committee that he's working to find out who used one of his trucks to illegally dump sewage.

It's not the first time SDT has been tied to illegal dumping. One of the company's trucks was involved in a similar incident after the Voodoo Festival last year, when waste was dumped in City Park.

Torres told the committee that it appears both cases are connected, and committed by people with inside knowledge of company procedures. He's offering a reward for information to solve the matter.

For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming