Rouses Market Opens In New Orleans Business District

New Orleans, LA – City, business and culinary leaders are welcoming the new Rouses Market in the Central Business District. Crowds made their way through the store that keeps historic architectural details while providing 40-thousand square feet of retail space. Mayor Mitch Landrieu lingered well after cutting the red ribbon.
"It's an important part of creating a neighborhood. So now, the physical space that we're standing in - for people who are listening - is where the Sewell Cadillac building used to be. Nobody ever thought that you could put one of the best grocery stores in the country here. Secondly, the most important reason is because New Orleans' downtown has been transforming itself from an industrial warehouse and business sector into a residential business sector much like in Chicago or New York. And of course you need the services."
Donald Rouse says the family wanted a unique location for the 38th store.
"We just liked the location - right near the Superdome, right near the Warehouse, Lafayette Square, an area that needed a store. We can easily go put a store somewhere where there's other grocery stores, but we wanted to put a store where a store was needed."
The market also has outdoor seating and three levels of parking.
For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming.