Romney Tells Louisiana Supporters He'll Repeal "Obamacare"

Mar 23, 2012

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney campaigning in Louisiana one day ahead of its primary is promising to repeal President Obama’s health care program. Romney says he’ll put states in charge of their own health care plan.

Romney is marking the second anniversary of the president’s health care program – dubbed “Obamacare” by Republicans – by promising to dismantle the legislation he says is too expensive.

“I’m going to get that waiver for all the states from ‘Obamacare.” I’m going to go to work to get it repealed. I’m going to go to work to get it replaced with something which actually does bring down the cost of health care.”  

As Massachusetts governor, Romney signed a state law requiring that residents buy health care insurance. The US Supreme Court is set to hear arguments next week on the constitutional challenges to that requirement.