Romanesco: veggies for math junkies

New Orleans, LA – Last week at one of the markets, I was introduced to a vegetable that's cause for deep thought. Romanesco is a parrot green cross between cauliflower and broccoli. But that's just the beginning. First identified in 16th Century Italy for its spiraling foliage, River Parish farmer Timmy Perriloux is harvesting a vegetable ideal for the math junkie in your life. Each tiny floret is identical in structure to the next. A logarithmic spiral, every inch of the flower could keep grad students busy for semesters. Still can't picture it? Just think of Madonna's cone-shaped bra. And then there's the taste. Firm yet creamy, it's sweet like broccoli yet not as waxy as cauliflower. Look for Romanesco. For the WWNO farmers market minute, this is Richard McCarthy.