Rescued Chickens Available For Adoption At The LA/SPCA

Aug 18, 2013

Chickens available for adoption Monday at the LA/SPCA.
Credit Carolyn Scofield / WVUE

The Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is making over 100 hens and female chicks available for adoption on Monday. The birds were part of last week's massive seizure of animals from a property in New Orleans East suspected of being a holding, breeding and training area for fighting roosters.

The property's owner, Trinh Tran, was arrested and booked on animal cruelty and cockfighting charges, and with possession of exotic animals.

The LA/SPCA is located at 1700 Mardi Gras Blvd. in Algiers.

Requirements to Adopt:

  1. Adopters must provide their name and address that can be verified with a picture ID.
  2. Adopters are asked to bring a photo of their chicken coop. Each hen should have its own coop/roosting area. 
  3. Adopters are asked to bring a photo of how they will keep their hens contained on their property (such as fencing, gates, locks). We want to be sure the hens will be in a confined area and unable to roam if it is in a residential/urban/suburban area. 
  4. Adopters in Orleans Parish living in areas where the LA/SPCA has received complaints about roaming chickens will be required to have a yard check prior to completing the adoption. Those adopters will be required to have a completely enclosed area so the hens do not add to the chicken problem in specific areas. 
  5. Adopters must bring (or purchase onsite) an appropriate cage, kennel, or transport box to transport.

LA/SPCA and Audubon Institute vets have been examining the birds, but have been unable to test them for Salmonella. Information on the disease will be available at the adoption site.

Hens and chicks available for adoption are first-come, first-served (the LA/SPCA says no holds will be placed on chickens — if you find that perfect bird you'll need to take it right away). The hen storage area is the adoption barn.

Though over 700 birds were rescued by the LA/SPCA, only the hens are available for adoption. Roosters are aggressive — especially trained fighting roosters — and are illegal to possess in Orleans Parish.