Red and Green for the Holidays

New Orleans, LA –

When we think of season's greetings, we think of the bold colors of red and green. It so happens that this holiday season brings the most vivid example of green and red to our area farmers markets: early season strawberries. Yes, we think of April as peak strawberry time. After all, that's when the Strawberry Queen has her day in Pontchatoula. However, these days local strawberry farmers are pulling a fast one on Mother Nature by planting varieties earlier than ever before. Though they risk cold snaps, this year farmers like Heather and Dale Robertson are bringing surprisingly sweet berries to market in December. Can you believe it? In December! What's a more beautiful addition to New Year's dinner tables than strawberries soaking in a balsamic reduction with black pepper? For more information about where you can find Louisiana berries now, log onto

For the Farmers Market Minute, this is Richard McCarthy.