Rebuild Together renovates houses with recycled materials

New Orelans, LA –

The Preservation Resource Center is showing off a home in Holy Cross that's been renovated with materials available right next door. Correspondent Eileen Fleming has more.

The house near Jackson Barracks was built in the early 1900s. And it was repaired with materials from the same period that were salvaged from a house next door that sustained too much damage after Hurricane Katrina to survive.

Kristin Palmer of the group Rebuild Together said the wreckage was scoured for materials that could be recycled to help the next-door neighbor. Erma Schumaker and her husband Frances bought their home in the 1970s, and raised a family. After Hurricane Katrina slammed the shotgun double, they moved back inside and began renovations. Her husband passed away before the work was done, but had made it clear he wanted Erma to have the house. The lot that's now empty next door is owned by the Preservation Resource Center, which will build a new house that will fit in with the architectural styles of Holy Cross. For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming.