Ray Nagin Trial Enters Week 2

Feb 3, 2014

Former New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin is facing another tough week in federal court. Nagin continues to fight a 21-count indictment alleging corruption.

Ray Nagin was the national face of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina left the city in shambles in 2005. Now he’s fighting allegations that he took bribes in exchange for doling out shares of the billions in recovery funds sent to rebuild New Orleans.

Businessmen have been testifying that they gave Nagin cash, free vacations and supplies for his family’s granite business. They say in exchange, they got millions in city business. Nagin’s attorney has argued the witnesses are not credible, and that Nagin did not have control over which contracts were awarded.

Frank Fradella of Home Solutions of America is expected to finish his testimony and face cross-examination by defense attorney Robert Jenkins. The defense is expected to call former Public Works Director Robert Mendoza to testify about the city’s procedures for awarding contracts.

The case is expected to last at least another week.