Protests Staged At BP Offices Near Houma and In New Orleans

New Orleans, La. – Ministers from throughout the Gulf Coast say their members - especially those with low or fixed incomes - are being crushed by financial losses caused by the spill. They say victims include a grandmother no longer needed for babysitting children because their mothers are losing their jobs.

Nimesh Zaver (NEE-mesh ZAJH'-vair) of Lake Charles, Louisiana, is the regional director of the Asian-American Hotel Owners Association. He says his members have suffered a drop in tourist income, but only a few have received payments from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

"It's almost going to be a year since the oil spill and still there's a lot of people that are just out in the dark. Considering there's $20 billion out there that's been approved by BP as well federal government to pay out on claims and there's only close to $4 billion that's been paid out. There's still $16 billion left on the table."

The group is planning to demonstrate at BP's response team offices in downtown New Orleans.
For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming.