Property Tax Increase Approved By House, Now Headed To Voters

May 29, 2014

Voters across the state will decide whether New Orleans residents get to vote on raising property taxes. House Bill 111 was given final passage Thursday. It would nearly double the portion of property taxes that go to police and fire protection from about 10 mills to 20 mills.

The measure needs a series of approvals before taxes would rise. Voters statewide and in New Orleans would have to approve it in November. And voters in New Orleans would have to approve it again in another vote.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu supports the bill because the extra revenue will help pay for three court-ordered judgments against the city.

The bill does not need an approval or veto by Governor Jindal since it is a constitutional amendment.

For a calculator to find out how your property taxes will change if the increases are approved, visit The Lens.