President Obama Coming to New Orleans for Issac Recovery Update

Sep 3, 2012

Louisiana Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu will be joining President Obama when he arrives in New Orleans on Labor Day to review the region's recovery from Hurricane Isaac. Landrieu says she’ll be pressing him for more support of offshore revenue sharing.

Landrieu says she’s planning to keep pushing for giving Louisiana a bigger slice of money made from its natural resources.

“His position, I think, has been a little soft," Landrieu said. "We want him to be a robust supporter of revenue sharing when we expand drilling, or just with the drilling that we have going on.”  

Landrieu also says more money needs to be allocated for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. She says Louisiana alone could use half of the Corps’ entire $2 billion budget. She says more work is needed to protect residents outside the new $14 billion-dollar system protecting New Orleans.

“We need to get that share to have a reliable source of revenue coming in to us, to use it to do what we need to do to protect ourselves and our people — people who didn’t move here in the 1980s to buy a condo to sunbathe on the beautiful coast, but people who were here in the 1780s building a community that was here before the federal government raised the Stars and Stripes.”   

Landrieu says more flood protection is also needed on the north shore, as well as in the River Parishes.