Out To Lunch: Water Works

Mar 6, 2014

Sarah Mack, Peter Ricchiuti and Webster and Lacey Pierce.
Credit Grant Morris / It's New Orleans

Oceanfront property is desirable, unless the ocean is meant to be hundreds of miles from your front door. Webster Pierce Jr. is the inventor of a hunk of plastic called the Wave Robber. Anchored off the coast of rapidly disappearing Louisiana, it upends the natural process of waves washing away land by robbing them of their power, but unlike a traditional breakwater, siphons the silt out of the wave to create new land.

Sarah Mack is a pioneer in the field of business and governmental cooperation to save the wetlands. In the kind of public/private financing model that property developers have employed to rejuvenate urban wastelands, Dr. Mack marries carbon credits with the carbon-saving properties of wetlands to create a win-win financing model to pay for massive-scale wetland remediation.

In the Pay It Forward segment of this show, Peter and our two waterworks pioneers discuss another local revolutionary land-saving business, NanoFex. In an Out to Lunch first, David Culpepper, founder of NanoFex, offers a truly ground-level investment opportunity to join him.