Out To Lunch: Family Friendly

Aug 14, 2014

Human beings love doing things in groups. It starts off with fun birthday parties when we're kids, and goes all the way to desperate attempts to have fun at conferences — which is why so many of them come to New Orleans.

While folks are here at a conference, Teddy Nathan's company, Crescent City Connections, rounds them up and puts them to work volunteering for local non-profits.

Frank Scurlock is at the kids' birthday party end of group fun. Frank's family company invented Space Walk — a.k.a. the Bouncy Castle — that can be found at kids' birthday parties worldwide courtesy of the Scurlock family's 200 international outposts.

On this show Peter begins a new segment: Remember, You Heard It Here First. Thanks to 52 Businesses who specialize in finding entrepreneurs in the early stages of development, Peter Ricchiuti introduces entrepreneurs with little more than a big idea and gives them one minute to sell it.

The kickoff man for Remember, You Heard It Here First is Max Gaudin, who presents his app, AirP'n'P.