Out To Lunch: Down To The Dirt

Jan 2, 2014

Simone Bruni and Will Bradshaw.
Credit Elizabeth Hudson / It's New Orleans

The post Hurricane Katrina world of demolishing New Orleans buildings and hauling truckloads of rubble off to a landfill isn't a male-dominated industry, it's a male-only industry. At least it was, until Simone Bruni came along with nothing more than a few pink yard signs and a business name that would capitalize on her most unique quality in the demolition business: Demo Diva

When swaths of buildings started being torn down Will Bradshaw saw the social, environmental and commercial good sense in rebuilding "green." Green Coast Enterprises has had a surprisingly impressive impact on both the tone and physical structure of parts of rebuilt New Orleans, most notably taking the lead in the newly restored Broadmoor retail neighborhood.

In the Pay it Forward segment of today's show, Peter Ricchiuti asks Simone and Will to lend their entrepreneurial advice to a new business, cyber-security specialists 504ENSICS.