Oil Spill Set to Hit Land Friday

New Orleans, La. – BP spokesman Doug Suttles says the company is still planning to try burning the oil off at sea, but isn't sure of the best location in the slick that's streaming across hundreds of thousands of miles. He says skimmers pick up only about 10 percent.

"Some of the oil will likely reach land. So what we want to do is protect the most sensitive areas and then prepare to clean up those areas where the oil does reach. It's probably not possible to collect all the oil offshore." :12

Federal officials say it's up to refuge-protection agencies to decide how to get birds out of the area. In past spills, they've used Mylar balloons and noise cannons to scare birds away. Meantime, there's no change seen through the underwater robots monitoring the well site leaking 42,000 gallons of crude every day.
For NPR News, I'm Eileen Fleming in New Orleans.