Oil Spill Commission Releases Final Report; Heads To New Orleans

New Orleans, La. – The final report ordered by President Obama says that if changes aren't made in how offshore drilling is conducted, there will be another spill. Co-chairman Bob Graham says the new Congress should raise salaries of government inspectors who oversee the industry - even if the current political climate leans toward cutting government regulations and spending.

"I believe that this issue and the searing impact that Deepwater Horizon has had on the conscious of Americans is such that it will override an ideological preference for less government, less government intrusion, less government cost."

The report also recommends that most of the Clean Water Act fines expected to be paid by BP should be dedicated to restoring the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem. The panel didn't initially address the deepwater-drilling moratorium in its investigation, but now says work should resume with improved safety and oversight. The panel is holding a public forum Wednesday in New Orleans for comments on the recommendations.
For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming