Occupy NOLA Encampment Established Outside City Hall

New Orleans, LA – About 24 tents and a few hammocks are set up in Duncan Plaza. The loosely formed group meets nightly in "General Assemblies" to discuss issues of concern.
Meantime, furniture is set up on the bandstand. There's a library, tables for food donations and a charging station for cellphones and laptops.
Nyah Wynne says - speaking only for herself - that she's not sure how long the encampment will continue.
"It will depend, to a large degree, on how the community of New Orleans responds. If we get a lot of support, if we get a lot of people, if we have a large presence, this will last longer and accomplish more. If there's attrition, if people start moving on to the next big interest, then this will probably not last very long."
Demands written in chalk on the sidewalk include sustainable communities, transparency, overall equality and the abolishment of the Federal Reserve.
New Orleans police are monitoring the encampment and have announced no plans to disrupt the protest.