Nungesser Calls For Fast Track Of Coastal Restoration

New Orleans, La. – Nungesser says he's working with EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to get federal funds moving for coastal protection. Nungesser is advocating a series of barriers and some dredging to slow the disintegration of wetlands. Those plans have raised concerns among federal agencies and conservation groups that they may do more harm than good.

"Let's come up with some plans to fast-track this. Everybody realizes we don't have 20 years to wait. So instead of fighting, let's sit at the table. We'll do everything we can to accommodate all their concerns." :13

Nungesser spoke to officials attending an America's Wetland Foundation conference in New Orleans focusing on sustaining the Mississippi Delta. Several toured the coastal areas in Plaquemines Parish that are eroding from salt-water intrusion.
For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming