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May 18, 2012
Originally published on October 16, 2012 12:01 pm

NPR's Fresh Air celebrated its 25th anniversary as a national program on May 11, and continues to show why its so valued by listeners:

-- The Philadelphia Daily News paid tribute to the locally produced show's history, as well as its host, in an interview with Terry Gross last week.

-- The Hollywood Reporter, Vulture and Gawker were among the many outlets which picked up on Terry's conversation with Girls creator Lena Dunham, who addressed recent backlash against the show.

-- When beloved children's book author Maurice Sendak passed away last week, many outlets, including the LA Times and Paper Magazine, turned to Fresh Air's many interviews with the notably reserved writer in paying tribute to his life and work.

-- And, after more than 30 years behind the mic, Terry took on the big screen, starring in Mike Birbiglia's short film "Fresh Air 2: 2 Fresh, 2 Furious." The video originally debuted as part of This American Life LIVE, and is now an internet sensation.

In other news, NPR audio is now available on Flipboard. TechCrunch, TIME and Mashable were among the media outlets which picked up on the popular mobile app's announcement about its new audio content features.

TED Radio Hour host Alison Stewart was interviewed by the Washington Post for a Q&A posted on their ideas@innovations blog.

Do you know madman Don Draper's favorite drink? Ask Me Another and Esquire teamed up for a cocktail quiz. See how many you can answer!

Kelly McEvers joined PBS NewsHour from Beirut last week to discuss the fallout of a deadly suicide bombing in the heart of Syria's capital. Watch the video segment below:

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