NPR Interns Offer Multimedia Twist on Storytelling

May 4, 2012
Originally published on November 12, 2013 11:24 am

Just four months ago, a group of wide-eyed interns arrived at NPR Headquarters. The 2012 spring intern class came from across the world, with diverse ages, experiences and passions. All the interns, however, harbored a deep interest in NPR and the shared desire to make their mark on the NPR legacy.

In Intern Edition, a thirty minute multimedia show produced exclusively by interns, we found the opportunity, and challenge, to draw upon the talents of our intern class and create our own piece of NPR history.

Over the past four months, we've worked relentlessly to create an engaging multimedia experience that showcases the greater themes of life—morality, identity, the power of one—through the lens of everyday events. On Wednesday, we presented the final project, Intern Edition: Life In Turn, to the NPR Staff, and today, we present it to the online community on the Intern Edition website.

"Life in Turn" encompasses characters and stories as diverse as our intern class: Washington's own Willy Wonka, a community of online hackers aiming to save the world and a teenager girl confronting her father's PTSD. Each premiere story is accompanied by engaging visuals—a first for Intern Edition.

If our premiere has left you craving more NPR intern productions, read our Life in Turn blog, where you'll find videos from our Deskless Concerts, interviews with NPR personalities and other eclectic internal musings. Our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr also bring you behind-the-scenes of the NPR Intern Experience.

As we gather our NPR swag and tearfully move forward into the next phase of life, we would like to give a huge thank you to the NPR staff, who has served as a constant source of guidance, support and inspiration to us this semester. Our experiences at NPR have greatly shaped not only the premiere, but our future aspirations as well.

We hope you enjoy the premiere, and keep your eyes—and ears—open for our aspiring public media superstars!

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