NOPD Seeks New Spokesperson With Social Media Skills

Aug 6, 2014

The New Orleans Police Department
Credit Quinn Dombrowski /

The New Orleans Police Department is looking for a new official spokesperson. As it looks for a new mouthpiece, there’s something the NOPD realizes it’s been missing out on: Twitter.

Danny Monteverde is the police reporter for the New Orleans Advocate. He says the NOPD wants someone who knows how to send a message in under 140 characters.

“The NOPD doesn’t have any real social media presence, they’ve got a Facebook page but its not anything all that impressive, so that’s interesting that they’re looking for someone to get more hands on with social media,” he says.

Remi Braden, the New Orleans police department’s former spokeswoman, left last April. Monteverde says that the NOPD is hoping to replace Braden with someone proactive. The NOPD’s job notice goes as far as saying it’s looking to change the brand’s “negative reputation.”

“That might have been the most striking aspect of this whole 30-page packet was that one sentence… was pretty interesting to myself and my colleagues.”

The application process closes Thursday, August 7. The NOPD plans to review the pool of applicants and announce their new spokesperson around August 18.