In The News: The Public Radio Music Month Edition

May 3, 2012
Originally published on October 16, 2012 12:44 pm

Public Radio Music Month came to a close this week, and the outpouring of support from stations, musicians and local communities throughout April was quite inspiring.

Artists came forward on Twitter, touting their favorite stations...

Hey, it's Public Radio Month! Be sure to support your local stations - we do! @WNYC @pubradiomusic
- @The_National

Joining other artists in support of public radio...

Dear Public Radio, Thank you for taking chances: ...Happy Public Radio Music Month! #PRMM @pubradiomusic
- @treyanastasio

And taking time to talk about their appreciation on air:

This is a public service announcement with guitars! @SGossard this Monday - 11a EST - on 91.9 @WFPK! #PearlJam #PJ21
- @PearlJamOnLine

Others, like Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament, showed support for PRMM in a Facebook post and asked his fans to share their own favorite station:

"I start every day with tea, the Seattle Times and an hour of KEXP, KGBA, or KCRW. With local record stores disappearing daily, it's more important than ever for DJs that we trust to introduce us to new music. Rock and roll is dead, long live public radio!"
- Jeff Ament

Nate Query, Patrick Hallahan, Joe Henry, Nicole Brodeur and Nellie McKay all wrote op-eds on the value of public radio to the music industry and local culture, each describing personal and professional experiences with stations across the country.

You may have seen this Love Letter to public radio stations floating around online, which more than 130 artists and independent record labels signed throughout the month. Rolling Stone, MTV Newsroom, and other music outlets shared the note with their readers.

Other artists have come forward to speak on behalf of Public Radio Music Month. Chris Walla of the Decemberists and Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard spoke to Billboard about the platform public radio provides for artists who "'fall between a couple cracks' in the radio spectrum," and All Access Music Group profiled WFUV Music Director Rita Houston about the station's role in celebrating the month and her career in the music industry.

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