New Year's Resolutions and Farmers Markets

Dec 31, 2010

Embrace the new year! Take risks. Eat new things. Join the 74% of shoppers who are introduced to new flavors at farmers markets.

Hi, this is Richard McCarthy with the WWNO Farmers Market Minute Happy New Year! Risking my ruining of your plans for culinary excesses this evening, I'd like to discuss New Year's resolutions. Yes, I know. They tend to focus on eating less of this or that. Instead, why not resolve yourself to do more.

Earlier this year, research interns from the Tulane University Prevention Research Center found that 74% of adult shoppers at farmers markets reported that they had been introduced to new foods at market. Why not join this 74%? Start with greens. Sure, you love spinach and collard greens. That's fine. They'll still be there. But consider leaning forward into the new year. Experiment with pak choi, dandelion, mizuna, Red Russian kale, and Osaka purple mustard greens. There is a world of flavor out there ready for your discovery.

Resolve to find it, cook it, and serve it on the dinner table in 2011. For the WWNO farmers market minute, this is Richard McCarthy.