New rum in Louisiana called 'Sweet Crude'

Aug 13, 2012

Two oil company landmen have an off-hours business in Broussard as the Rank Wildcat Spirits Distillery, crafting a rum they named Sweet Crude.

The Advertiser reports that 26-year-old Cole Leblanc welded the still together, and 35-year-old David Meaux β€” who also is a lawyer β€” dealt with all the paperwork.

They monitor the distilling, they bottle and label the rum, and even went to a sugar refinery and shoveled 1,600 pounds of raw sugar into huge barrels to bring back to Broussard.

You can't buy Sweet Crude rum in any stores just yet. Meaux and LeBlanc are waiting on paperwork from a distributor, but hope to have the rum in stores before the end of the summer.