New Orleans Youth Call For A Citywide Day Of Action

Jul 23, 2014

The nonprofit Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools has held a youth-led press conference every summer since 2006. Middle- and high-school students talk about their concerns and priorities for the city.  The group's mission is training young people to be thoughtful and capable leaders by transforming the education system.

Thursday, for the first time, the students of Rethink will call for a citywide youth day of action. 

Karen Marshall is the group’s Executive Director.

“What they’re hoping to do is gather youth city-wide and be able to talk about issues that are related to education, whether its dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline, addressing discipline policies in schools, or addressing food in schools, mainly as it relates to fresh healthy and local foods," Marshall says.

"What they want to do is really listen to other young people throughout the city who have similar experiences, so that they have a citywide movement. So, this is really the beginning of building that citywide youth collective.”

The day of action will be announced on Thursday afternoon at Café Reconcile in Central City.