New Orleans Councilman Arnie Fielkow Resigns

New Orleans, LA – Fielkow was in the Saints front office in 2005 when he clashed over plans to play all post-Katrina games in Texas instead of Louisiana. The Saints did return, but Fielkow didn't. After he was fired, he ran for office and won two terms. Now, he's leaving to be the Chief Executive Officer of the National Basketball Retired Players Association.
"The timing is a difficult thing. I mean, just leaving before the end of the four-year term is a difficult thing. I've served for six years, but anytime you leave before a term, I think, that's a difficult decision. And I wish, quite frankly that I could have aligned the timing with an opportunity with the timing of the council term. It just didn't work that way."
Fielkow has submitted a 13-hundred word letter of resignation. It takes effect October 1st. The council will appoint a temporary replacement. Fielkow had nearly three years left in his second four-year term.
For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming