New Orleans Charter School Movement Expands To Other Parts Of The State

Aug 23, 2013

Hurricane Katrina left New Orleans with the opportunity to revamp its public school system. To that end, the city's education landscape became dotted with charter schools run by several operators.

The eighth anniversary of that storm is upon us, and we're seeing the charter school movement in the city slow down as operators look elsewhere to take over low-performing schools.

Education reporter Jessica Williams of The Lens joined Diane Mack to discuss the charter school movement in the city and how those systems are expanding to other parts of the state.

Correction: The recorded interview included with this story states that 45 schools in New Orleans were failing pre-Katrina, while only nine are failing now. However, what was meant was that 44 percent of all failing schools across the state were in New Orleans, when New Orleans only enrolled 9 percent of Louisiana's public school students.