New Medical Center opens in New Orleans East

New Orleans, La. – The Champion Medical Center is treating its first patients today, thanks to a boxer who used his own money to get the clinic up and running. Gregory Davis says the lack of medical facilities in New Orleans East became clear when his 17-month-old daughter developed a severe ear infection. He had to take her several miles to downtown New Orleans for treatment. Davis decided the area needed its own clinic, so he took $250-thousand dollars of his own money, and bought a building on Lake Forest Boulevard. He met with medical professionals, and they came up with a plan to offer an array of medical services. Patients can get treatment for basic problems, like minor cuts and the flu, as well as immunizations, physicals and other services. Davis said the community has been thrilled about getting local services that have been mostly missing since Hurricane Katrina knocked out Methodist Hospital. The Champion Medical Center is now next to the shuttered hospital building. For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming.