Navel Gazing

New Orleans, LA –

You've got to acknowledge just how lucky we are to live in the most diverse citrus growing region in America. Sure, Florida has the volume but with industrial volume so comes industrial problems like disease. While word of the citrus disease reaching our Plaquemines growers has made news, many farmers market citrus growers are small, sustainable, and don't put all of their eggs into one basket (so to speak) by growing just one variety. Right now, there's plenty of reason for Saturday morning navel gazing. Navel oranges are in and, my, they are sweet! Meyer lemons, grapefruits, and Louisiana sweets, too. All grown here. Perhaps the strangest is the Buddah's Hand. Often used in Southeast Asia as religious offerings, it's also just plain creepy. To view the Buddah's hand or for more info, log onto

For the Farmers Market Minute, this is Richard McCarthy.