National Hurricane Conference Under Way In New Orleans

Apr 20, 2017

More than 1,400 local, state and federal officials from around the country are in New Orleans this week to focus on hurricane response. Mayor Mitch Landrieu told the group that good communication is vital. Mayor Landrieu said there have been dramatic improvements in disaster response since the days after Hurricane Katrina. “I’m a FEMA fan now. FEMA’s gotten a lot better,” he said. He said people working on hurricane preparedness, response and rebuilding often coordinate with other agencies. And they work together not only in hurricane season, but in disasters that occur all year long. “That’s you, along with law enforcement, along with your federal, state and local partners, whether it’s the FEMA folks, the National Guard folks, the hurricane folks, the weathermen, everybody’s on the same team. You’re the tip of the spear in not only the fight against natural disasters and manmade disasters but terrorist attacks too,” he said Along with public officials, some private companies are also attending the conference. Workshops include discussion on using social media, business planning and recovery, protecting infrastructure and health care.