Nagin Finishes Testifying In Corruption Case

Feb 7, 2014

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has finished testifying in his political corruption trial in federal court. He faced a tough couple of days on the stand.

Prosecutor Matthew Coman grilled Nagin over several scams the government alleges he used while in office.

Nagin denied any wrongdoing.

The government says he used his office to solicit business for the family granite company, Stone Age.

Nagin says the company belonged to his sons.

He’s accused of using his office in 2007 to press the incoming Home Depot store to use Stone Age as a countertop installer.

Nagin says he just asked how his sons could be on Home Depot’s list of companies to get that work.

Coman pulled up dozens of documents that he says shows Nagin giving preference to city contractors who helped out Stone Age with money and supplies.

Nagin said he had no power to award contracts by himself.

At the finish of today’s session, Coman asked: “Mr. Nagin, you sold your office, didn’t you?”

“No,” was Nagin’s clear response.

Closing arguments are scheduled for Monday.