Morris Jeff Community School Approves Union Contract

Jun 22, 2016

Morris Jeff Community School was the first New Orleans charter to form a union, in 2013. But its teachers operated without a contract. Until now.

Matthew Tuttle is a fifth grade teacher at Morris Jeff. He says he was elated when teachers gave unanimous thumbs up last night, approving the most recent effort at a contract.

"This is a contract that reflects the values of Morris Jeff," Tuttle says. "This is a contract that was guided by our mission and our vision. And so this contract isn't like Ben Franklin's contract and it's not gonna be like any contract that comes after us, because it's specific to us. It's ours. And I think that contributes to a sense of ownership."

One unique feature of the contract: a Student Support Committee, made up of teachers, administrators, and parents, that can set discipline and special education policies for the school. Tuttle says it's the first of its kind.

Morris Jeff is the second New Orleans charter school to approve a union contract. Ben Franklin High School ratified an agreement last year.

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