Middle-School Students Prep for Debate

New Orleans, La. – Tulane University professor Ryan McBride watched as about 20 students at Sophie B. Wright Charter School prepared to debate the pros and cons of allowing cell phone use in school. It's the topic that will be used at a tournament there tomorrow.
McBride started the program last year with his own students serving as tutors. McBride said middle-school children are becoming adept at using logic and grasping complex conversations.
Twelve-year-old seventh-grader Troija Kellup said she can use what she's learning in debate in a career that she wants as an actress.
Tulane student Dan Miller said a previous topic on the pros and cons of a zoo opened other educational opportunities for the children he tutors.
McBride said he hopes the debate teams will keep expanding. The final tournament will be next month at Tulane University.