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Jun 20, 2012
Originally published on September 4, 2014 1:36 pm
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Let's bring up our next two fearless contestants. Welcome ladies.


LISA JONES: Thank you.


EISENBERG: We have Lisa Jones. Lisa, I'm told by my producers you are a goddess in training.

JONES: It's true.


JONES: But really do you have to ask?

EISENBERG: No, I don't. I mean I was going to say fully formed, but it's good to know you feel like you still have more (unintelligible).

JONES: I fully expect to be deified some day.

EISENBERG: And we also have Anjana Samant. Anjana is a human rights lawyer, so she is already the goddess Mahat.

JONATHAN COULTON: Oh, very good. You've been Wikipedia-ing.

EISENBERG: I certainly have. So Art, why don't you tell us what we're playing next?

ART CHUNG: I will, Ophira. We're playing a game I like to call Members Only.

EISENBERG: Ah yes, Members only. Did you have the jackets?

CHUNG: I was a parachute pants person myself. Sorry.

COULTON: You should have the parachute pants and the Members Only jacket (unintelligible), then no one can touch you. You're like the wind.

CHUNG: I could jump out of a plane and just float down.

EISENBERG: I didn't have one, I had that family that always bought us the knock-offs of all the brands, so I had a jacket and the label was Guest Pass.


COULTON: Oh, Guest Pass.

CHUNG: That's unfortunate. That's unfortunate.

COULTON: I bet that got you to the front of the line at Studio 53.


CHUNG: Anyway, in this game, we're going to test your knowledge of groups and their members. I'm going to give you a list of people or things, and you tell us what ties them together. And to help you out, we'll give you the category as well, so let's try it out on Ophira.


CHUNG: All right, Ophira, the category is psychiatry...


CHUNG: ...and the clues are the id, the ego and the super-ego.

EISENBERG: I've in therapy for a very long time...

CHUNG: I can tell.

EISENBERG: - but I know that according to Freud those are the three parts of a person's personality or psyche.

CHUNG: You put the super in super-ego, that is correct.

EISENBERG: Thank you. Thank you.

CHUNG: Lisa, Anjana, are you guys ready?

JONES: Oh yeah, as ready as we'll ever be.


CHUNG: As ready as you'll ever be. Yes. Wait until I've finished readying until you hit the buzzer. OK? Here we go. The first category is history. Your clues are Charles Guiteau, John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald. (bell ringing)

JONES: Assassins?


CHUNG: Assassins of?

JONES: A president.

CHUNG: Correct. Yes. You can applaud that, you know.




CHUNG: Next category is literature. Your clues are Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. (bell ringing)


JONES: "Little Women"?

CHUNG: "Little women"?

JONES: Characters in "Little Women."

CHUNG: We'll take that. The book with the four daughters.

EISENBERG: No, just little women.

JONES: Yeah, 'cause they're just tiny.


EISENBERG: Just tiny little women. Well done. OK.

CHUNG: Your category is politics. Iran, Iraq and North Korea. (bell ringing)


SAMANT: Countries that have been dictatorships?

CHUNG: We're looking for something for specific.


JONES: Members of the axis of evil?

CHUNG: That's correct, Lisa.

EISENBERG: Lisa, yes.


CHUNG: Our next category is biology. Your clues are A, B, AB and O. (bell ringing)


JONES: Blood types.

CHUNG: Those are the four blood types. Correct Lisa.



CHUNG: And your category is literature. Robert Penn Warren, Rita Dove, Billy Collins and W. S. Merwin.


EISENBERG: And the people rest.

Robert Frost could be added to this list. (bell ringing)

JONES: Poets?

CHUNG: Little more specific.

EISENBERG: Good, a little more.

SAMANT: Poet laureates?



EISENBERG: Or final scores are Lisa has six, that means Anjana you were fantastic, we loved having you, well done.


SAMANT: Thank you very much.

EISENBERG: Lisa, you're coming back for a final spit round of ultimate challenge, ASK ME ANOTHER, just one more, actually final round.

SAMANT: Awesome.



EISENBERG: Thank you guys so much.

In a moment, you'll discover what Jennifer Aniston has in common with the Alamo. Mmm, no one ever forgets them? Maybe. More trivia, puzzles and fun to come. I'm your host Ophira Eisenberg and this is NPR's ASK ME ANOTHER.

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