Meet Volunteer Stephanie Reed

Mar 13, 2013

Listener Stephanie Reed says she searched out two things right away when she moved to New Orleans from Maine three years ago: her local farmers market and WWNO.

"That's a good way to feel at home in a new place," Stephanie told WWNO's Fred Kasten.

It's why Stephanie, an artist and employee of local icons SnoWizard and the Hollygrove Market and Farm, is volunteering her time during the Spring membership drive. She's taking your calls, so help Stephanie help WWNO by calling 800-286-7002 or click here.

"I love the local programming, but I also love the national programming," Stephanie says. "This American Life is one of my favorite programs, too. I just think it's really high-quality."

Stephanie listens to WWNO all day, and even leaves the station on for her parakeets when she's out of the house. You can help keep us on the air for Fifi and Flappy by making your membership pledge today.

Remember, members make it possible.