Meet Volunteer Doug Christian

Mar 14, 2013

Doug Christian's youngest brother works in public radio in Kansas, so that's where his donations go.

But Doug is a New Orleanian and avid WWNO listener. "I have this tremendous guilt that I am not supporting the station here."

So what does he do? Doug volunteers.

"I spend my time here, and spend my money there."

Doug is a retired radio personality himself, and really enjoys his time volunteering. "I like being around a radio station," he says. "It provides a lot of pleasant memories. The coffee is wonderful, the pastries are exquisite, and the company is fantastic."

If you'd like to volunteer, during the pledge drive or any other time, just e-mail us at

While you're doing that, remember: if you don't have a brother in Kansas, now is the time to donate! Make your pledge today.