Meet the Puzzle Writers

May 17, 2012
Originally published on December 19, 2012 4:42 pm

For this first season of Ask Me Another, we picked the brains of more than a dozen game writers to devise the puzzles you hear each week on the show. Writers from across the country submitted games to be reviewed by our staff for possible use on the air (and getting one past AMA puzzle editor Art Chung is no small task). Every week at the end of the show, we acknowledge and thank all the game writers for that particular episode. But Shawn Kennedy and Dan Schofield, proved invaluable.

About Shawn Kennedy

For three summers, Shawn Kennedy helped Will Shortz edit the New York Times crossword puzzle. Kennedy has written for eight TV game shows, and he writes spatial logic puzzles for the annual U.S. Puzzle Championship. His latest book is Pun Amok: The Word Game With Crazy Clues. See if you can solve these clues from the book: 1. Mug shot = E?P?E?SO; 2. They hang around swingers at parties = P?N?TA?; 3. Employee who works a lot = C?R S?L?SM?N [Answers: 1. espresso, 2. pinatas, 3. car salesman]

About Dan Schofield

Dan Schofield has been a writer and producer for numerous TV game shows. After probing the minds of aspiring millionaires on ABC, high school students on MTV, sports junkies on ESPN, and pop culture obsessives on VH1 (among others), he's happy to have found a place on NPR for all those ideas deemed "too nerdy" in his past work. He has also written episodes of TV shows, including ED an Monk.But his proudest creation is his baby daughter, Anna. Hmm, maybe a game about palindromic names...

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