Mayor Landrieu Suggests Reviewing Hurricane Isaac Responses

Sep 6, 2012

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu says the city responded well to the crisis posed by Hurricane Isaac. But he has some suggestions for improvements — especially regarding power outages.

Mayor Landrieu says city police and emergency responders worked well throughout the storm. But he says all actions will be reviewed in detail now that the crisis has passed. He’s also suggesting that Entergy assess its performance in restoring service, as the City Council conducts its own review of the utility.

“I would like [Entergy] to, with the council’s permission, look at how energy is produced, how it’s generated, how, in fact, it’s transmitted and, in fact, how it’s delivered," Landrieu said. "On top of that, I would like the city to start thinking about new ways, and look at other cities that are doing innovative things, that actually will make us less dependent in times of trouble in the event that the system goes down.”

And he had some advice for businesses.

“All private facilities, nursing homes and hospitals, it is your responsibility to be able to take care of your patients. And it puts a huge strain on our emergency responders and makes it very, very dangerous. That is your responsibility.”

The mayor is also asking residents to keep their emergency plans and preparations up to date because hurricane season is not over yet.