Mayor Landrieu Plans Meeting With Times-Picayune Owners

May 28, 2012

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu says he’s planning to talk with owners of the Times-Picayune for details about cutbacks.

He says Newhouse Newspapers has indicated it’s expanding, while cutting back on printed copies to three days a week.

“What I’m concerned about as the mayor is the number of jobs that are provided and the livelihood of the individuals that, although they work for the paper, are New Orleans citizens," said Landrieu. "I continue to be concerned about that, and look forward to talking to the owners about making sure they don’t diminish what’s here in New Orleans, but they actually expand it and grow.” 

Landrieu says the Times-Picayune offered what he calls “a window into the soul of the people of New Orleans.” He says he hopes the national attention the Times-Picayune has generated over the years can continue.