Mayor Landrieu: It's a Hurricane and New Orleans is on the Front Lines

Aug 28, 2012

It may not look like much now — but there's a hurricane on the way. Hurricane Isaac is picking up power, and the outer rain bands have already begun impacting the metro region.

The National Weather Service is now classifying the storm as Hurricane Isaac at Category 1.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu says the city is ready, with help from state and federal agencies.

“We are officially in the fight, and the City of New Orleans is on the front lines. [The hurricane] is moving a little bit more westerly, which pulls it a little bit closer to us. And so all of the preparations that we have made to date will hold us in good stead.”

The mayor says the bands of rain may lull people into thinking the storm is weakening when, in fact, it’s far from over.