Mariners Match offers solidarity and celery

New Orleans, LA –

Hi, this is Richard McCarthy with the WWNO Farmers Market Minute For fishing families affected by the BP disaster, I am delighted to report that farmers markets finally have some good news on the horizon. Together with the Wholesome Wave Foundation, farmers markets in New Orleans, Bay St. Louis, Long Beach, and Ocean Springs are offering $40 in Market tokens each visit for commercial fishing families to purchase fresh, healthy, local foods. Additionally, they receive passes to local museums and attractions. For many, this is one of the few times they escape their home environments dominated by industrial trauma, pay-outs, and low morale. In keeping with belief that markets offer more than just stuff but also an experience, Mariners Match intends to treat commercial fishers with dignity and respect, as heroes returning from the sea. For more information, log onto WWNO dot org.