The Lumineers: Heartfelt Energy And Musical Grace

May 2, 2012
Originally published on July 8, 2014 10:12 am

A lot of artists come into the KEXP studios on their way to stardom, and you count yourself lucky and excited to be a part of an inspired performance. The best sessions, though, happen just as a band is taking off — and on its record-release day, no less — and you know it's going to break through.

This all happened recently when The Lumineers came in. There was a ton of buildup leading up to the Colorado band's session — its show had sold out, then moved to a bigger club, which sold out again — all before The Lumineers was released. In studio, the group didn't disappoint, with a heartfelt and energetic set which showcased real grace and appreciation for music. This is the year of The Lumineers, and this session is just the beginning.

Set List

  • "Flowers In Your Hair"
  • "Ho Hey"
  • "Dead Sea"
  • "Stubborn Love"


Host: John Richards; Audio Engineer: Kevin Suggs; Cameras: William Anthony, Jim Beckmann and Dean Cannon; Editing: Jim Beckmann

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